WMK Architecture — Sargood on Collaroy — 悉尼 澳大利亞

Designed by WMK Architecture, Sargood on Collaroy sets a global benchmark in helping those with spinal injuries best manage their life, deal with the physical and psychological scars they face in society, and re-connect into the community. “The built environment has a profound psychological impact on quality of life... If it looked like a hospital, felt like a hospital or smelt like a hospital we would have failed in our job.”

Sargood is a world-class, purpose-built facility settles lightly on an elevated 4,000m² site at the southern end of magnificent Collaroy Beach, providing resort-style health and wellness care for those trying to adapt to a life that’s been thrown into disarray by accident, illness or fate. Residents gain much-needed sensory experiences; watching the cobalt waves rolling in; hearing them crashing onto the sandy shore; breathing in the invigorating salt air; feeling the warming rays of the sun on their face and the cooling coastal breeze blowing their hair. The innovative architectural approach of Sargood on Collaroy is as far from a traditional institutional facility as imaginable.