Yakusha Design Studio — Bulvar Fontanov — 基輔 烏克蘭

The Yakusha Design Studio has created an elegant minimalistic interior for the lobby with meeting, reading and kids zone and also bar of elite residential complex Bulvar Fontanov in Kyiv, Ukraine. This luxury estate, the winner of International Property Awards 2017, provides all residents with 5-star hotel service, has 150-meter cascade of musical fountains and a rooftop lounge zone with huge terrace.

The interior concept idea is an interaction of two natural elements — ice and fire. Whether the ice will be melted or the fire will be frozen — it resembles the eternal battle of day and night, good and evil. The studio’s concept uses minimalist gray upholstered furniture — high-back fabric settee and armchair “Lono” and simple shape modular felt sofa “Faktura” by Faina Collection — to make residents and their guests feel comfortable and relaxed.