feld72 — Educational Ensemble Terenten — 南蒂羅爾 意大利

The idea of the educational ensemble originated from a study in 2005, which involved the local community to develop a holistic concept for the village. Based on the original building of the 1970s, where the school and the kindergarten were housed together, a concept developed over the years which allows both facilities more space and interaction whilst at the same time integrating the existing village library. The educational ensemble opens itself to the village and vice versa — it becomes part of everyday life.

A prerequisite for the implementation of this progressive and modern concept was the exemplary educational autonomy of South Tyrol and the very committed teachers involved in the project. The premise was to create an engaging and activating learning environment that encourages discovery, experimentation and research. As a sensory instrument, which changes and sharpens perceptions, the new school building does not only offer a suitable house for up-to-date teaching and learning but is itself a teaching tool. By making the space available and comprehensively allowing this space to be experiences in all its dimensions, it also contributes to structural and architectural understanding.