pH+ Architects — Catalina Crescent Beach House — 悉尼 澳大利亞

pH+ Architects have completed a home for a private client on Sydney’s Northern Beaches that expands upon and celebrates the traditional Australian timber pitched-roof house. The extension to the rear dramatically enlarges an existing cottage with a bold, contemporary addition which responds to, and celebrates, its surroundings. Catalina Crescent explores the owner’s desire to blur the boundaries between inside and outside living as large sections of the building are opened up to the elements.

Internally, the rooms have been reorganised into a series of linear spaces; from living, to dining, to kitchen, to external deck/barbecue area, to garden. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass panels can be drawn back fully into the adjacent walls, eliminating any distinction between internal and external space. This ‘blurring’ is further enhanced by a soffit above that mirrors the new ground plane. A series of ceiling joists continue from inside to out, incorporating lighting at night and filtering sunlight during the day. “The entire design is context driven, and allowing the house to fully open up to its exterior, whilst ensuring sufficient shading is provided was a key aim. The home now takes full advantage of the bushland setting and temperate climate, embracing the idea of indoor/outdoor living.” Photo by Douglas Frost.