Aliantedizioni X Alessandro Loschiavo & Marco Paiani — Fungus Borealis — 意大利 米蘭

Photographed by Samantha Acciuffi in daytime urban contexts that extol the transparency of acrylic materials, contrasting with the tones of the asphalt and plaster of the various locations.

“Fungus Borealis” is a series of side-tables designed by Alessandro Loschiavo and Marco Paiani, inspired by the Armillaria Borealis, species of fungi typical of cold climates. The removable bases in transparent solid acrylic are matched to circular tops of three sizes in translucent scratch-resistant acrylic. The structures are mounted without needing any extraneous element thanks to an interlocking system with minimum tolerances. Fungus Borealis intends to be a tribute to Shiro Kuramata (1934-1991) and his works in solid acrylic.