Baklazanas — Melnikov Light — 維爾紐斯 立陶宛

Melnikov Light lamp has a simple geometric shape which repeats the shape of Melnikov house — cylindrical volume with 58 hexagonal windows. In the dark the lamp creates spectacular decorative lighting with shadowplay and refraction of light. In the daylight this small model of the house fascinates you with its shape just like the original Melnikov house does.

In 1927 Konstantin Melnikov was granted a small plot of land to build his private house and studio. Completed in 1927–1929 Melnikov house has almost immediately become one of the world's architecture icons. Using a small space of his house Melnikov managed to introduce a whole range of artistic and constructive techniques and turned the house into a kind of laboratory for experimenting with shape, space and lighting. In his studio Melnikov used an unusual method of interior lighting: continuous ornament consisting of array of 38 hexagonal windows showering the interior with light. Besides the extraordinary look the whole interior is embraced by light penetrating through the numerous windows creating ideal illumination for the architect’s workspace.