Brightspark — Bicycle Headlights — 倫敦 英國

For the safety of both cyclists and drivers, bicycle lights are essential. Yet technology in this area hasn’t changed much for decades, and the simple bike lights that have been available do not catch enough attention from drivers. “Our intention is to make cyclists and vehicle drivers more comfortable and confident about sharing the road with each other”.

Brightspark’s features are numerous and unique. The USB rechargeable headlight set can easily attach to a bicycle’s handlebars with quick release grips. They may be detached easily also, allowing users to pack the product and take it with them. Each headlight unit can put out 300 lumens, creating up to 600 lumens of light per pair. Simple to recharge, its lithium ion battery holds charge for approximately five days of typical use.

A blinker set is incorporated in the product, with a flashing orange light located on the front and back of each unit. While the signal indicator is in use, the handlebar vibrates, which lets the rider know that it has been activated. It continues vibrating, reminding the cyclist if it’s still on after the completion of a turn. The sophisticated addition of red roadway lasers is the neatest function of the product. Projecting bright red arrows on the road, the lasers let other travelers know the cyclist is turning.