Jean Jullien x Case Studyo — Bill the Bookend Napper — 根特 比利時

A sculptural bookend based on Jean Jullien’s life size metal sculptures, as part of his “The People” exhibition. Clearly enjoying his nap, Bill encourages you to slow down, unwind and read a book or simply experience the joy of doing nothing. “You can be practical without being serious. Even better, you can actively participate in people’s lives by bringing a little creativity into their daily environment.”

Jean Jullien is a French graphic artist currently living in London. He comes from Nantes and did a graphic design degree in Quimper before coming to London. He graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2008 and from the Royal College of Art in 2010. He works closely with the musician The Coward. His practice ranges from illustration to photography, video, costumes, installations, books, posters and clothing to create a coherent yet eclectic body of work.