Kelly Hoppen — Celebrity Edge Spa — 馬耳他

Gone are the days when floating spas meant lying in a tiny windowless room on an unstable cot while you take in a Swedish massage from the part-time cook. World-renowned designer Kelly Hoppen is responsible for The Spa on Celebrity Edge changing the game in hospitality interiors. The Spa is inspired by the soothing elements of nature and Celebrity Edge’s mantra of bringing the destination closer to guests.

“Our aspiration for The Spa was the same aspiration we have for Celebrity Edge — to provide our guests with a deeper and more profound connection to the sea.” Featuring more than 124 treatments, 31 therapists and signature offerings such as the Ocean Spa Wave Massage, Hot Mineral Body Boost, Poultice-Powered Muscle Release, Zero Gravity Wellness Massage, The Spa is the ultimate in pampering at sea.