LMBRJK — BEL Light — 比利時 安特衛普

A prime example of what studio LMBRJK calls digital wood, the BEL light marries contemporary digital techniques with hand-based analogue methods of fabrication to form a cavern of complex geometry within a simple curved volume.

The BEL light is an experiment in form as well as production techniques. Making physical the idea of digital wood, the BEL light reorganizes a sheet material through a process of cutting profiles on a laser, to assemble into a functional form for lighting. Born in LMBRJK’s technique of 3D modeling and laser cutting, the BEL light shines in its inner beauty. Rich natural materials and curvaceous inner carvings foster the BEL light’s ability to create a warm, intimate atmosphere. The BEL light is handcrafted out of two african wood species, Padouk and Wenge. Similar to LMBRJK’s other products, the BEL light also undergoes an intense handcrafting before all individual laser cut layers come into one smooth piece. Wild on the inside, the BEL light stays calm and collected with its outer shape designed to hang perfectly off the ceiling or to be placed on a surface as a sit down mood light.