Nadine Goepfert — Manners A/W 2017 — 柏林 德國

MANNERS investigates this development through a collection of tablecloths, multifunctional napkins, tea towels and aprons. Made from linen, cotton, rubber and PVC the items aim to juxtapose and merge former and current aspects of domesticity. Whitework embroidery and macramee, techniques often discredited as housewife crafts, are translated into contemporary shapes and framed in a more useful than decorative context.

A study on napery and the significance of table linen in social and historical context. The table cloth, formerly considered a sign of wealth, has become a common practical item. This not only implies a change of meaning, but also a change of materiality.

MANNERS not only examines table manners, but considers manners as in “habits”. The collection comments on routines, rituals, automatism, and rules related to (communal) eating. It highlights and simultaneously breaks with the ideas and taboos of table etiquette.