Nisnas Industries — Madison & Oak Whisky Tumbler — 海法 以色列

Madison & Oak is the new masterpiece from Nisnas Industries. It’s a whisky tumbler made of one piece of American White Oak and capped off with an intricate stainless steel top ring. The ring acts to separate the oak body from the tasting experience, making this a unique and truly one of a kind tumbler. A beautiful handmade whisky tumbler with a one-piece oak body and stainless steel top, an exquisite drinking experience.

The shape of the Madison & Oak is taken from the original glass Madison whisky tumbler but made quite a bit smaller and we adjusted the lip to tighten up quite a bit more in order to concentrate the aroma. Combined with the honey wax that was carried over from the Honey Oak tumbler, this make the shape stand out and focus the drinking experience and make it a unique one.