Pentatonic — AirTool Chair — 柏林 德國

This September marks the arrival of Pentatonic, a new company with a simple but revolutionary mission — to lead the world into the circular economy. With offices in Berlin and London, Pentatonic, in the simplest of terms, is a furniture company. The distinctive aspect of Pentatonic’s business model is in part, that it makes all its products with post-consumer trash. Aluminium, glass, food and of course a wide range of plastics in multiple applications. The main contributors to the waste epidemic are the design currency for this young brand.

Its opening collection will be built around the Pentatonic AirTool system — a patented modular kit of parts, designed and produced in Europe using the world’s leading automotive manufacturing technology. Pentatonic AirTool is a system that enables the user to create a great number of outcomes with just a few components. Opening with tables and chairs, the range of AirTool components feature materials and finishes ranging from tactile felts, luxurious fabrics, ultra strong hardened textiles plus hand finished metals.