Ponti Design Studio — MIST Air Purifier — 米蘭/香港

MIST is a high-end air purifier with minimalist design: a satin nickel aluminum cylinder only 2 millimeter thick that envelopes cutting-edge technology. Inside, MIST contains innovative technology: carbon filters and advanced engineering that sprays into the air a sanitizing vapor. Odorless and invisible, this vapor can sanitize any surface it settles on. MIST is high-tech, sophisticated and minimalistic. Far from cluttering space, MIST easily blends in thanks to its delicate shape and smooth material.

Ponti Design Studio is a Hong Kong-based product design company specializing in highly distinctive, brand-building and iconic design. Founded in 2012 by Italian designer Andrea Ponti, the Studio focuses on high end products combining technological excellence with emotional design language. The product range includes technology, consumer electronics, audio equipment, furniture and lifestyle complements. The Studio also provides branding and art direction services to client companies in Europe, Asia and North America. Ponti Design Studio has a minimalist approach based on two principles: simplifying and reducing, while preserving appearance and functionality.