Philippe Starck — STARCK PARIS Perfume — 巴黎/香港

From the refurbishment of the former French president’s private apartments at the Élysée, furniture design, to fashion design, Philippe Starck has conquered the world with his distinctive style of design. For the first time, the French design master is revealing himself in a range of three fragrances that will usher in his new perfume label, STARCK PARIS.

By handing over to three renowned master perfumers a personal vision filled with curiosity, audacity, sensitivity, elegance and generosity, the Peau de Soie, Peau de Pierre and Peau d'Ailleurs collection are created, presenting us with a bouquet of unexpected olfactory poems whose words are scents and every skin a palimpsest revealing unending possibilities. The debut of STARCK PARIS fragrance collection is brought to you by Artisan Product Power and Perfumes y Diseño, the renowned Spanish fragrance house. Currently available at K11 Design Store.