Tom Dixion Studio — Micro Wingback — 倫敦 英國

Meet the all-new Micro Wingback, Tom Dixion’s latest in bespoke upholstery. Micro Wingback is the much-loved Wingback rescaled for the home and confined spaces. It is fully customisable in stores and online in a wide range of fabrics and leg options. The original WINGBACK chair was first prototyped as one of several British archetypal chairs for the infamous Shoreditch House Members Club in London.

The exaggerated proportions of the wing and the extravagant scale of the chair allow the sitter to be enthroned against a grand backdrop or completely hidden from view. Thanks to its expressive sweeping curves, our statuesque WINGBACK is often specified by decorators and architects in the centre of spaces as a sculptural intervention rather than a mere piece of seating. The WINGBACK family now includes chairs, dining chairs, ottomans and sofas.