11 Architecture — 台北 台灣

‘Yi-Chang-Ming-Pien’ (Portable Printing Press) by 11 Architecture received the 2017 Design Mark from the Golden Pin Design Award for product design. “I see beauty in tradition and this is what inspires me,” says Yan Hong Lin, Lead Designer at 11 Architecture. “Words and sentences, printed with ink and moveable lead type, preserve a special texture and memory that cannot be replaced by any other kind of printing.”

11 Architecture was established in 2011 by Yen Hong Lin. Its main services include building and space design. The designers aim to create a space to enjoy human nature, and for architecture to be at one with the natural environment. They hope to achieve a balance through the application of media and design, so that the environment and humanity can coexist forever. The firm specializes in environmental protection, supporting recyclable building materials, and architectural renovation projects.