A’Design Award and Competition 2023 — Final Call for Entries — 意大利

A’Design Award and Competition is one the world’s largest and most influential design award; extremely prestigious with amazing jury, press recognition and high calibre laureates. It has up to 100 categories and it is for creative of all types with awards ranging from Good Industrial Design Award, Good Architecture Design Award to Good Product Design Award, Good Communication Design Award to Good Service Design Award and Good Fashion Design Award. Here’s a list of the most popular A’Design Award & Competition categories.

The deadline for submission is 28 FEB 2023; and the results will be announced to public on 15 APR 2023. Register here and upload your design today!

Images being showcased are:
• Oriental Movie Metropolis Theater Exhibition Hall by Shanxing Gao
• Agile View World Residential Exhibition Area by Hu Sun - S.P.I
• Chengdu NBD Centre Architecture by Wai Tang and Kelvin Chu
• Xi’an Qujiang Art Center Exhibition Hall by Xiaoxia Wang - gad
• Vanke Fontanelle Aesthetics Pavilion Experience Center by Wei Jinjing
• The Peacock Wine Cellar by Kyle MertensMeyer
• The Ring Retail Development by Lead8
• Lake Tea Table by Xia Yiting
• DC 3 Stool by Sergio Fahrer
• Better Bodies Hi Brand Identity by Takahiro Eto
• Terra Coffee Roasters Branding by Akihito Shimizu
• The Emerald Isle Rare Irish Whiskey Packaging by Tiago Russo
• Sakura Shimizu Packaging by Nobuya Hayasaka
• Ikona Maxxi Pure Extraction Hood and Purifier by Fabrizio Crisa
• Enduro2 Electric MotoBike by Andrea Agazzini