IMO Creations — 台北 台灣

‘Xiafu Activity Center’ by IMO Creations received the 2017 Design Mark from the Golden Pin Design Award for spatial design. “In architecture, we use these two kinds of perspectives [designing and engineering], but it’s very interesting to me that no one talks about how the energy flows throughout the building,” says Lain Satrustegui, Partner Architect at IMO Creations. “That’s what Asian culture has developed, it’s called fengshui, and in India they call it vatsu.”

Lain Satrustegui is Partner Architect at IMO Creations, based in Taipei with partners in Kyoto and Barcelona. He is also Visiting Assistant Professor at Tunghai University. Originally from Spain, by way of Denmark and England, Satrustegui set up the Taiwan branch of IMO in 2009. His Taiwanese clients include Tendril, Kaohsiung Government, New Taipei City Government and Tunghai University. In 2017, he received a Design Mark from Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award for his work on Xiafu Activity Center.