Róbsom Aurelio aka Mindú — Rooftop Typeface — 巴西利亞 巴西

Rooftop is a modular font based on pixação made with roll painting set in extender cable, practiced in Brasília, capital of Brazil. The intention of pixador is usually having your name as visible as possible. By using extender cable their letters reach places that the spray does not reach as easily.

The shape of the font is based on the limited movement of the roll when set on the extender cable. Among many other things, its shape differs from the letters from other cities such as São Paulo for example, by having a smaller difference in the width/height ratio. This difference is the adaptation of the letters to holders of Brasilia, this city was planned to be vertical as other major capitals. The word ‘Rooftop’ is used to designate graffiti made on roofs, in lateral buildings, facades and the like.