Studio Lim — 台中 台灣

‘Fibrewood Objects’ by Studio Lim received the 2017 Design Mark from the Golden Pin Design Award for product design. “Fibrewood itself is totally recyclable and biodegradable,” says Yun Ting Lin, Design Director of Studio Lim. “We use Taichung’s traditional, centuries-old lacquerware craft technique with a new material made from flax.”

Studio Lim is a material driven design brand, powered by innovation. Through a journey of research and experimentation, hybrid materials are refined into one-of-a-kind lifestyle products for contemporary home interiors. Its authentic style comes from a fusion of craft traditions and modern production techniques. From home accessories to lifestyle products, Studio Lim is not only a design brand, but also an inspiration towards a sustainable future. Design Director, Yun Ting Lin works with local carpenters to source materials. As a small studio of just three designers, Lin and his team draw inspiration from the community where they live, in Taichung, Taiwan.