Alec Egan — Welcome Home — 聖莫尼卡 美國 — 18 MAR - 21 MAY 2017

California Heritage Museum, 2612 Main Street

The California Heritage Museum is pleased to present: Welcome Home, a site specific exhibition of recent paintings by Venice artist Alec Egan. His work has been defined by his robust painting approach, using multi dimensional surfaces to construct narrative scenes, paint globs and smears that cover matte surfaces and detailed patterns. In this new offering of paintings, Egan’s technique is no different, if not more refined, as he works conceptually to tackle the architecture and history of the California Heritage Museum. Playing off of the Museum’s original incarnation — a turn of the century Victorian home - the exhibition aims to revert the converted second story exhibition space back into the initial layout of the home by mirroring the original architecture of the space with the subject matter of the paintings.