Alexandre Biaggi — Tribal Echo — 法國 巴黎 — 6-24 SEP, 2016

Galerie Alexandre Biaggi, 14, rue de Seine 75006 Paris

More than an inspiration, Alexandre Biaggi’s early-fall show expresses atmospheres, perfumes, subtle influences and resonances with tribal, ethnic or so-called primitive arts. Alexandre Biaggi creates conversations between objects: Patrice Dangel’s Naus console with its paddle-shaped feet dialogues with Mario Scheichenbauer’s irresistible Yeti rocking chair of Tibetan goat, Mauro Fabbro’s Scramble floor-lamp with its parchment cloud shade brings dreams to the Kid drawn by Eduardo Arroyo, the natural rythms of the rattan and rosewood of Tito Agnoli’s Italian dresser, the muninga and ebony woods of the Diqlodocus bench sculpted by Babacar Niang contrast with the serenity of Paul T. Frankl’s varnished-cork coffee table, Alexandre Noll’s sculpture faces Matthieu Dagorn’s masks.