Carole A. Feuerman — Bel Air Fine Art — 威尼斯 意大利 — 9-12 MAY 2017

57th Venice Biennale, Arsenale di Venezia

Carole A. Feuerman, American hyperrealist sculptor, will be presented by the Global Arts Foundation, Bel Air Fine Arts, and Venissa at three exclusive exhibitions in Italy during the week of the Venice Biennale. Carole A. Feuerman is recognized as a pioneering figure in the world of hyperrealist sculpture. Together with Hanson and De Andrea, she was one of the three leaders that started the movement in the late seventies by making life-like sculptures that portrayed their models precisely. They are meticulously detailed to create the illusion of a new reality. Dubbed ‘the reigning doyenne of super-realism’ by art historian John T. Spike, Feuerman has solidified her place in art history.