'Light, measured. One soon gets used to it' by David Casini — 瑞士 蘇黎世 — 29 AUG - 04 OCT, 2014

Galerie Plutschow & Felchlin, Waldmannstrasse 6 CH-8001 Zürich Switzerland

Galerie Plutschow & Felchlin presents Light, measured. One soon gets used to it, the first solo show in Zurich of Italian artist David Casini. The works by David Casini are reinterpretations of a synthesized and regenerated reality which includes new spatial dimensions and symbols. They present a plainly elastic perception of time that appears primed for unexpected backward and forward leaps. This malleable time trait, particularly well-suited for recovering artisanal styles and materials from past epochs, lends itself to the forming of futuristic visions with a scientific, or more precisely, alchemic accent.