Newsha Tavakolian – Blank Pages of an Iranian Photo Album, 2015 — 杜拜 阿拉伯聯合大公國 — 2 JUL - 3 SEP, 2015

East Wing, Limestone House #12, Dubai International Financial Centre, Ritz Carlton Annex

East Wing is proud to present this work by Newsha Tavakolian, the winner of the 5th Carmingac Photojournalism Award. A self-taught photographer, Newsha Tavakolian began working professionally in the Iranian press at women's daily newspaper 'Zan' when she was just 16 years old. At 18, Newsha was the youngest photographer to cover the 1999 student uprising, which was a turning point for the country's blossoming reformist movement and for Newsha personally as a photojournalist; a year later she joined New York based agency Polaris Images.