Juan Ortiz-Apuy: Out of this Light, into this Shadow — 加拿大 蒙特利爾 — 21 JAN - 28 FEB, 2015

Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, 1892 rue Payette, Montreal

For his second solo exhibition at Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Juan Ortiz-Apuy presents a new body of work inspired by the concept of junkspace as enunciated by Rem Koolhaas, which is the extension of the notion of junkfood to the whole of our built environment, consumer culture and world of “total design”. Via the technique of collage and sculptural installation, the artist presents a scenario about this transformation and through it, explores appropriation, magic and animism in commodities and the role the Bauhaus might have had in this reconfiguration.