Graphic Days Torino 2019 — 都靈 意大利 — 3-6 OCT 2019

Toolbox Coworking, via Agostino da Montefeltro, 2, 10134, Torino

The fourth edition of Graphic Days Torino is focusing on the combination between visual design and social issues. This year the theme is “integration” — in which the organisers have been involving foreign communities in order to realize together some projects on visual communication and cultural identities, enhancing excellence coming from different nations. The result is a multicultural path that crosses the festival through different activities and exhibitions to display the contamination among populations, but also among different perceptions, skills and abilities. Graphic Days Torino is a four-day international festival dedicated to visual design, which takes place at Toolbox Coworking (Turin, Italy). The festival, born in 2016, aims at enhancing the cultural value of visual communication, inspiring people who work with creativity.