Louis Lambert aka 3TTMan — Beach Life — 塞維利亞 西班牙 — 29 JUN 2017 | 9pm

Delimbo Gallery, C/Pérez Galdós nº 1 Acc.

Delimbo Gallery opens “Beach Life”, the latest show of the French artist Louis Lambert aka 3TTMan. Born in Lille, France in 1978, Louis Lambert is an artist who works with materials as diverse as cement, papier mache, oriental ceramics or clay, placing their work in an area between the fine arts, applied arts and crafts. Thanks to the international recognition of his work, the Frenchman has traveled around the world, working in the public space in places like London, Dakar, Vietnam, Atlanta, Moscow, Sarajevo, Kiev… and living in cities like Madrid and Tenerife, where has recently established his residence as well as the space where the exhibition are inspired. “Beach Life”, will also be a very special rendezvous because the presence of the artist, plus the great selection of craft beers offered by BierKraft, and the music of Dj Lektrono.