Steve McCurry — Iconic Photographs of Asia — 迪拜 阿拉伯聯合酋長國 — 23 NOV - 10 JAN 2017

The Empty Quarter Gallery, DIFC Gate Village 2

Steve McCurry has made pictures of people and places around the world from three decades. His images are iconic, privileged moments pulled from time. They show want mattered, and they endure. His pictures lead us into their frame — and then draw us to far larger places of the spirit. Through McCurry’s images, we can begin to comprehend a culture and its people. Some photographs are more like acquaintances, people that one might politely greet on the street and then pass by. A few special pictures are like loved ones, and we know their faces by heart. They move us — into joy and perhaps into sorrow. They take us by the hand and often by the soul. They represent a place and a time, and surely an idea. These are icons of Asia.