We Saw Things That Others Didn't — 新加坡 — 5-22 NOV, 2015

TAKSU Singapore, 43 Jalan Merah Saga, #01-72 Workloft @ Chip Bee

A group exhibition of artists from the Philippines — showcasing artworks by artists from the Philippines; Soler Santos, Felix Bacolor, Angel Ulama, Michelle Perez, Marija Vicente, Raena Abella, Atsuko Yamagata, Monica Laurel Delgado, and Poch N. Curated by Nilo Ilarde, “We saw things that others didn’t” brings in a valuable cornucopia of images and processes that sift through themes, ideas, and subjects that lie at the heart of each of the participating artist’s individual practice. Perhaps open to a misread as a boastful statement of affairs that sends a message of reversal and exclusivity, the exhibition rather delves on the impetus of sharing discoveries gathered from the respective specialties of each that cover painting, sculpture and photography.