A-Z Sportswear — Tshirts from A-Z — 挪威

A-Z Sportswear unveils the first in a line of 26 limited edition T-shirts for the brand’s new collection ’T-shirts from A-Z’. The T-shirts will be launched one by one, starting with the letter A, all the way through Z. The heart of the collection is motivation, because staying on track with your training is no easy task. Therefore, each letter will represent a word that inspires you to keep pushing forward on your journey from A-Z. First up is A — for Attitude. Because when the going gets tough, the right attitude will push you through. Do you have attitude? Otherwise, it’s about time you get some.

Every letter will be presented by an ambassador, someone who truly embodies the sense of the word. An athlete, artist or other innovator who knows what it is to overcome obstacles, on any level, by wholeheartedly committing themselves to their own achievement. And when it comes to Attitude, there’s really only one suitable messenger - Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The collection will stay true to A-Z’s minimalistic design and no-bullshit approach to sportswear. The Attitude tee featuring a simple cut and plain print-on-black design. If you think you have attitude, get moving and grab a T-shirt before it’s gone. The Attitude T-shirt is limited edition, only 360 T-shirts will be sold worldwide.