Glenda López — Linkorama — 西班牙 馬德里

Linkorama is mixable, interchangeable and able to be built up in different ways. It is an easy to wear collection, designed for everyday usage and thought out to be ‘forever pieces’. Each piece is crafted to exacting conditions, rendering it to be light weight, and finished in such a way that it is extremely versatile, with infinite possibilities that can be put to the test constantly.

Linkorama roots back its inspiration to that of heavy industry combined with classical elements of baroque ornamentation in its decoration, such as pearls, engraved motifs, elaborately decorative compositions and bold statements. The collection likewise expresses industrial realism through its clean and linear design elaborated in the form of chains. Yet, the pieces develop further, revealing themselves to be delicate, inspired by eighteen-century jewellery, and exaggerated in such a way as to create a piece for the Marie Antoinette of our times.