IVANMAN — Autumn/Winter 2017 — 柏林 德國

IVANMAN Autumn/Winter Collection 2017/18 presents a new perspective on a designer’s work while blurring the lines between the finished and the unfinished. The center of this year’s show is the construction process from draft and technical instruction up to the final product. The designs are not simply presented – it’s a educational approach to reveal a designer’s work process to the audience.

The simple and rough nettle cloth is an important part of the conception now finding itself presented on runway. Colourful lines visualize processing instructions leading to the design. The final products are presented as the result of the creative process and intented outcome. Cashmere meets quality wool, classical lilac and purple shades in combination with oversized looks and A-line shaped silhouettes influence the collection’s character. IVANMAN remains faithful to it’s unique style but reveals a new viewpoint on future’s prospects. Clear and simple lines combine with complex details and strong colours. This autumn and winter contrasts create inspiration and rough elegance.