Matu S/S 2017 — Weiss, Lykke & Baldwin — 加拿大 蒙特利爾

The all-new SS17 collection from Matu, the leather accessories brand, features LYKKE Fanny Pack, WEISS Back Pack and the BALDWIN Crossbody.

LYKKE is the new fanny pack. This is just what you need for your next trip. You can wear it on hips, in the back, in the front. There is just enough space for your Iphone, your Fitz cardholder, your Allen keychain and your lucky charm.

WEISS is the new backpack. Very functional, there is two small pockets for your Allen keychain, wallet and lip balm. Get all your essentials and your note books ready before you go to work!

BALDWIN is a cute crossbody. Minimalist and practical, it has the perfect size. Put everything that you need for your next date, Don't forget your wallet (it’s not polite), your glasses and a few mints, just in case.