Not Just A Label — Bo & Zongo: STREG — 哥本哈根 丹麥

STREG is based on a hybrid collaboration between BO & ZOGO and Christiane Spangsberg, who is renowned for her continuous line drawings, which evoke imperfections and spontaneity - making her every piece unique and matchless. Each of the pieces in this collection is unique, personalized by either a hand-painted line or a graphic jewelry.

BO & ZOGO is a Danish womenswear brand established by Anne-Line Bo and Daniella Zogogiannis. Their intuition often leads them to unique & unusual aesthetics. They find themselves drawn to odd compositions, uncommon materials and artistic features — while preserving the art of simplicity. By emphasising unusual cuts, colors and textures, they make their clothing stand out from the ordinary wardrobe. The collections are never based on short termed trends, but on originality and timelessness. Photographer: Kristoffer Juul. Models: Maria Pedersen, Lærke Maria.