senscommon — all-commute overcoat — 荷蘭 阿姆斯特丹

A do-all water & windproof overcoat. Enjoy the mundane, face all elements. Enhanced, pure, minimalist design. Couture principles create superiority — lightweight, breathable, adjustable, must-touch hi-tech second-skin. All matte-black. Entirely seam taped, snaps around legs protectively. Inspired by past uniforms, for ever-evolving futures at go-getting-hard-working-never-ending-optimistic types. Uncommon utility fitting urban life.

senscommon products are inspired by the everyday, made with minimalist design, enhancing enjoyment of urban life through their utility. Often this means breaking boundaries between different forms of design, and re-concepting common held beliefs, while creating never-before-seen items that resonate with its audience. senscommon has introduced the all-commute overcoat at the SEEK Berlin fair in JUL 2017, already available on their webshop.