VAVA Eyewear — Black Label Collection — 意大利

The latest releases from VAVA Eyewear follow the concept of focusing on edgy design and combining this with the colours and shapes of the post-industrial philosophy of the brand. It is all about squares and symmetries. VAVA deliberately uses non-human shapes to create a new aesthetic of eyewear. The glasses gently flatter the features of the face and deflect the natural composition at the same time. Thereby it becomes what VAVA stands for; timeless, edgy, mature and post-industrial.

The spirit of VAVA eyewear is derived from today's post-industrial society and the growing belief of belonging to a post-human age. In an environment of high-speed culture, media overload and digital revolution VAVA eyewear represents deceleration and purism. VAVA strives for a contemporary pared back look in conjunction with the futurism conceptualism and purism that is associated with Techno. The spirit of VAVA is based on the same principle: VAVA is conceptual and visionary in its essence.