Acne Paper #15: The Actress — 瑞典 斯德哥爾摩

Isabelle Huppert, one of the greatest actresses of our time, is having a cup of tea in between takes, playing the part of Greta Garbo for the cover story of this issue. Acne Paper 15 is dedicated to actresses and we are on the French Riviera, at the very spot to which Garbo travelled incognito with her friends who owned a villa called The Rock.

Acne Paper’s signature has always been to bridge the past and the present by working around a timeless subject, and to make it our own. This is the first issue in which we discriminate an entire sex, as it’s all, or at least mostly, about women, but outstanding women who in their individual ways have moved us with their unforgettable performances. We ponder them in these pages, directly or indirectly, through portraits, interviews, documents, fashion shoots and reminiscences – an illustrious group of women, many of them legends. Great actresses are heroines and we dedicate this issue to them, while also celebrating the people behind the scenes as well as the artists who, like us, find certain actresses so inspiring they become part of their artistic expression. This is an invitation to a film set devoted to the subject of acting and the actresses we’ve come to know, or dreamt of, or only vaguely heard of, and those we’ll hear plenty more about.