CERCLE 8 — Ghost — 法國 斯特拉斯堡

This issue of Cercle Magazine explores the unexplained, the intangible, the transparent. It wonders about our relationship to ghosts, let them haunt us, make us scream with fear or laugh, whether light spectrum or wandering in the dark worlds. Four interviews with enthusiasts professionals or amateurs, ten illustrators, photographers or visual artists, interviewed about their practice, and always varied selections, here finally is the eighth issue of Cercle Magazine.

Cercle Magazine is based on one idea. Concentrate different aspects of one topic (artistic, visual, literary, scientific...) in each issue, in order to produce a surprising, cheerful but demanding magazine, aimed to be collected and to deliver timeless informations not bound to daily news twists. The topic is above all a basis to highlight art creation and research, able to interest connoisseur, novices and magazine’ lovers.