CREATE-ZINE — Issue 2 — 倫敦 英國

The Spring/Summer 2017 issue is already arriving on the desks of the UK commissioning community featuring new work by Alex Yanes, Joohee Yoon, Kelly Beeman, Caravane Studio, and Madelen Foss to name a just a few handpicked artists. “Create Zine takes a curated selection of talented artists direct to the people who matter; art directors, art buyers, design studios etc... That’s where I want my portfolio to be” – Ben the Illustrator.

For the Artbuyer — Create-Zine scales the globe to present only the most exciting commissionable individuals and studios. Aimed to act as a creative hit, it publishes beautiful work amongst its pages, alongside conversations and features with inspiring talent.

For the Talent — Create-Zine uses its wide spectrum of contacts from the creative industry to directly target commissioning art buyers and directors. The zine enables handpicked artists to raise their heads above the crowd by placing their work in front of some of the best creative agencies in the UK. It acts as a new marketing tool in the guise of a perfectly portable and attractive publication.