Rian Hughes — Custom Lettering of the ’20s and ’30s — 倫敦 英國

Compiled by the award-winning illustrator and designer Rian Hughes, and prefaced with a foreword by legendary US author and cartoonist, Zavier Leslie Cabarga, “Custom Lettering of the ’20s and ’30s” is a celebration of the beautiful and stylistically diverse hand-drawn lettering that characterised book covers, magazines, posters and advertising of the inter-war years and helped define the distinctive look of the era.

Elegant experiments in modernist type jostle for attention with playful expressive brush lettering, illustrated novelties, heavy geometric sans-serifs, dramatic inlines, drop shadows and all manner of outré typographical extravagances. Featuring over 6,500 images categorised by style for easy reference, this book will serve both as a key cornerstone of any typophile’s library, and as an invaluable inspiration for designers, design aficionados, vintage magpies and anyone else with an interest in 20th century culture.