Dapper Dan Issue 15 — Spring/Summer 2017 — 希臘 雅典

DAPPER DAN is well into its adolescence with its 15th issue, in which lust, seduction and good old sex set the tone. Photographer June Newton, a.k.a. Alice Springs, reveals how her husband Helmut persuaded her to pose topless, while photographer and filmmaker Richard Kern tells us about the “porniest” thing he’s ever made.

The issue deep dives with Cyrill Gutsch and Doug Aitken to talk about Parley for the Oceans, and take to the high seas with artist Evangelia Kranioti to visit sailors and prostitutes around the world and throughout time. There are also essays exploring sexual obsessions in a digital age and a thoroughly inappropriate love of trees. Order is restored with Margaret Howell’s understated good taste, though not for long—as even she has stories of being chased for selfies by enamoured Japanese fans. Lat but not least, DAPPER DAN talks to Greek artist Elias Kafouros about his work for Herme’s and explore designer Alessandro Michele’s immortal new aesthetic for Gucci.