HUDS+GUIS — FUI: How to design user interfaces for film and games — 墨爾本 澳大利亞

HUDS+GUIS has just released its first book titled FUI: How to Design User Interfaces for Film and Games, which features insights, tips and advice from some of the industry’s most prolific artists including: Ash Thorp (Ghost in the Shell), Jayse Hansen (Iron Man), Jorge Almeida (Minority Report), Chris Kieffer (Westworld), Gemma Kingsley (Black Mirror), Territory Studios, Perception NYC, and more!

Jono Yuen, the author of FUI is a designer, illustrator and creative director who has been in the digital creative industry for over 10+ years. His work has been exhibited locally and internationally, most recently in London, Rijeka, Tokyo and Time Square, New York, as well as being published in various publications around the world. Through HUDS+GUIS he helps bring awareness to the best work in the field and the artists behind them. He speaks on the topics of Future User Interfaces, digital experience design and design mentoring.