Daniel Eatock — Pens Paper — 悉尼 澳大利亞

New book plus a set of Limited Edition original artworks commissioned especially for the release of Daniel Eatock Pens Paper. All 25 works are unique state prints as a result of Eatock’s notable pens paper practice. Published by Formist Editions.

A mesmerising kaleidoscope of pages documenting two decades of compulsive practice. British artist and designer Daniel Eatock creates work about the recording of actions. A compulsive serialist, Eatock’s most recognisable work configures paper and felt-tip pens, leaving time to do the rest.

Preface Pen Prints
Edition: 25 unique felt-tip pen prints, 2016
Felt-tip pens, paper
29.7 × 21cm

304 Pages
150 × 215mm
Essay: Andrew Blauvelt
Design: Mark Gowing Studio
Edition: 1000
ISBN: 978-0-9875268-0-9