Paul Barbera — Where They Create: Japan — 紐約 美國

In the latest book by Frame Publishers, photographer Paul Barbera and writer Kanae Hasegawa explore the workspaces of 32 high-profile creatives in Japan. With considered curation of subjects WHERE THEY CREATE, with its beautiful and compelling imagery and insightful dialogue, is able to unveil the sometimes surreptitious nature of contemporary Japanese design culture.

Featuring a broad range of creative talents, Barbera visits the studios of famed architect Tadao Ando, avant garde designers Anrealage and horticulture-artist Azuma Makoto, to name just a few. Barbera travels and visits these talents from different crafts up and down Japan with the goal of finding WHERE THEY CREATE. It is the intimate moments that Barbera shares, that set this book apart, aimed especially at those who relish a behind-the-scenes look at the sometimes misunderstood creative process. This is further enhanced by the interviews conducted by Kanae Hasegawa, which delve into the way the creatives work.