FUSED Magazine — Issue 41 — 倫敦 英國

Fused was launched by husband and wife team David and Kerry O’Coy in 2000 to unearth emerging talent and showcase new trends. Originally a freely distributed regional magazine Fused is now distributed internationally and sold in shops and galleries in key cities. Featuring underground popular culture the editors bring to the fore music, art and fashion wrapped in celebrated layout and design.

In this issue:
• Art - Black Country Type, Richie Culver, Flying Leaps, Bijou Karman, Stella Kapenazou
• Photography - Tokyo Rumando, Peter Paul Hartnett, Polixeni Papapetrou, Robin De Puy
• Music - Table Scraps, Adreena Adreena
• Fashion - My Street, ­The Wonder Years, Shape Me Black, Get Wavy, Urban Jungle
• Travel - The Siam, Hip Hotels, UABB, Lishui