SKIN by Lodown Magazine — 柏林 德國

Skin as manifold exterior. Skin as signifier. Skin as identifier. Skin as protector and delicate receptor for Vitamin D. The surface is deep, evidenced by the 32 million bacteria occupying each square inch of your arm. Altogether that’s, well, don’t worry about the total number on your body. It’s gross. Or rad. Especially considering these bacteria span 1000 different species. So much life everywhere. On us. Inescapable. Our skin like the taught sails of a mighty ship with uncountable microbial stowaways hitching a ride to their next destination. Or the wildest party you’re constantly hosting. We are not alone.

Skin as a remarkable material. Waterproof. Highly stretchable. Utilitarian. A barrier. Armor. Tough. Resilient. Also vulnerable. Skin softened as flesh. And even more fragile: A baby girl with a rare disease making her skin as delicate as butterfly wings. Skin provides the most necessary shelter to our physical experience in the world. Skin changes through that experience. Scarred with stories of intense friction and sagged by lifelong exposure to gravity. Skin keeps us together. And the most together two people can get may be referred to as hitting’ skins. Skin is nasty. Extraordinary. Powerful. Flabby. Necessary. We all got skin in the game.