PATTERNITY — Be Great, Be Grateful — 倫敦 英國

“PATTERNITY: Be Great, Be Grateful” by Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham is a creative exploration of the power of pattern to enact positive change in our lives — examining the daily rhythms, rituals and relationships that sustain us and offering step-by-step practical guidance on living life with gratitude.

Gratitude is powerful. It makes us feel happier, healthier and more hopeful. Join PATTERNITY on an empowering voyage of exploration — from drain-cover spotting to cosmic pondering, simple observations to nature immersions — and discover inspiring and innovative ways to invite more gratitude into modern life.

Published by Ebury Press, the book is divided into three sections: ‘The Mundane’, which considers the hidden and overlooked incidental patterns of the everyday world; ‘Me’, which explores the personal rhythms of our own body and mind; and ‘The Magnificent’, which broadens the scope to the macrocosmic level, looking at our relationships with the biggest picture of all: the universe at large.