Smith Journal — Volume 21 — 黃金海岸 澳大利亞

Adjust your goggles, brush up on workplace health and safety, and zip up your HAZMAT suit: things get a little dangerous in Smith Journal Volume 21 — taking you on a trip to England’s green and pleasant land and discover a garden full of plants that can kill — including one you probably had on your last lamb roast.

The issue revisits the 19th-century craze for deadly arsenic-laced wallpaper (just don’t inhale), and the brief medical mania for “lobotomy mobiles”, which is every bit as terrifying as it sounds. Read all about a Colombian tailor whose bulletproof clothes will keep you safe and looking sharp. A ‘garbage anthropologist’ who knows NYC like the back of her bin lid. There’s also Soviet rock’n’roll, knock-off Star Wars toys and the controversial science of tea-making.